Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marius sweater with raglan done!

It is finally finished, washed, blocked and ready to be worn! Actually Bård is wearing his sweater right now!

So this sweater is long overdue. I did promise Bård that I'd be making him a Marius sweater last year, but I kept putting it to the side for other projects. It is now finally done though, and I'm so happy about it! I didn't end up doing the traditional sweater since my sewing machine is old and doesn't want to cooperate with me, so raglan it was! I do not mind working in raglan, I feel like it gives a better fit than both sewn in sleeves and rond yoke, and it doesn't clump up and feel bulky either. But the traditional one looks better in general...and it is traditional... You know? I've only seen a Marius with raglan once before, so it's very untraditional indeed.

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