Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Granny Squares for Charity!

Last week or so, I came across this fundraising for different orphanages ang kids in general all over Europe where knitters all over Norway made and donated clothes, blankets and toys for kids and teens.

They were currently having an Facebook event where one of the founders asked for squares to make blankets, and people are going crazy making tons of granny squares for it.
Since I recently sorted out two bags of scrap yarn, I came across a good bunch of wool yarn that I really don't have much use for.
Sadly there's not much fancy colors in there, but it's still wool and warm, and the thought that counts, right? So I am now currently crocheting granny squares out of all these scraps! ...quite boring granny squares to begin with... I found some more after I took this picture, so it'll be fun to see how many squares I can make! Starting off with the boring ones to make solid color squares.

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