Monday, February 3, 2014

Progress of the day - 2nd feb

Welp! Didn't get as much knitting done today as I've hoped cause I decided to bake bread today! Yeah! Didn't have much to put in the bread though so I just did a fine dough and added oregano to two of the breads so we could eat it along with different types of dinners, one normal and just for kicks, the last one with a bit of honey! Have just tasted the oregano bread so far and put the other three in the fridge, but it was good! If I decide to make them more, I need to remember to add more oregano... I'd also like to try and add cheese sometime... I also had to bike over to fetch pizza's that Bård ordered so I've been quite busy today.

Anyways! I managed to finish both legs for the baby rompers today! I've put them both on the same circular now and I'm ready to continue the body! I've been pondering if I should decrease the yellow stripes since I only got one skein of it...and I would like to make a matching jacket... So hopefully it won't look too weird... I'm also hoping that the more green I put in the rest of the body, the more it will drown the purple, cause right now, these feels too girlish for me... I don't know...

Welp, good night guys!

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