Sunday, March 23, 2014


When the cat is away, the mouse will play...or however that saying goes in english... In norwegian, the mice dances on the table when the cat leaves! Fun fact of the day!

What I ment to say is, Bård has left me this weekend...don't worry, he's just visiting his parents! But I truly enjoy the alone time...for some reason, I turn back to college life when he's gone, which is both refreshing and dangerous, cause the appartment suffers from a hurricane! So I've just started an experiment...which I would have done if Bård was all of that crazy talk was now pointless...

A week ago, I got the idea of making myself a summer sweater or pullover of some kind out of cotton...or whatever light and soft fibers I could find. Then, a few days ago, I got the wonderful idea of dipping the sweater (after I've made it) in bleach and make it awesome and retro! Like this sweater:

I just got a feeling that it would be super awesome and unique...that is...if this doesn't become a trend by then and I'll look mainstream...I hate to look mainstream...that's why I don't give a crap about fashion!

Anywho! Late spring/summer/early autumn sweater/pullover YES! It'd be awesome! But what kind of yarn should I use? Cotton is just as expencive as wool, and I'm trying not to buy too much new yarn for myself these days... Well, what about the crap load of bamboo/acryllic I got lying around in my yarn storage that I bought last summer on clearance for just about nothing that I was going to use for hand towels and washcloths but never got around to it cause I'm a lazy but that don't know how to use punctuations?

Welp, still got those lying around, still haven't made those towels not cloths, why not make a sweater? GENIOUS! So that's where the wannabe dancing mouse comes in... I managed to squeeze a few drops out of the bottle of bleach and I put two strands of this yarn into it and I'm going to let it sit over night to see the result...if there even is any... You see, bleach doesn't do a hell lot on acryllic, and this yarn is sadly 50/50 bamboo acryllig... Now, I haven't tried to bleach bamboo before either, but I can't imagine it being too much different from cotton. The question is, how much damage does the bamboo take from the bleach? Cotton takes little to none while wool takes heavily damage.

So the cat is gone... The mouse is out... Let's see if it can dance over night! LET THE EXPERIMENT BEGIN!!!

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