Friday, August 29, 2014

Old, failed knitting!

Decided to do a little lookback today. Back in 2006, I was going to work up a pair of socks for the daughter of someone in my class... But I ended up dropping out of school (needed a year off cause my life was a mess at that point) and therefor never finished up the socks. So I've had one pink baby sock lying around in my yarn stash since forever.

Now that I've gotten more experienced and could knit socks in my sleep, looking back on this one sock is like a nightmare. It looks just terrible and it has so many errors!

To start with the top, the edge and cast on is terrible and uneven! It's pretty stretchy so that's something atleast...

Then the ribbed cuff ain't THAT bad. It's tight and even...for the most part...except for this one are in the middle on the front where I've done purl instead of knit... Such a n00b.

The heels aren't that bad... Stupid me forgot to photograph the other side though, it looked much worse for some reason.

Then we got the sole. Right under the foot, close to the toe, there's a purled stitch... Why? I have no idea. It looks terrible though.

Then there's the toe itself... It's pretty stubby, way too short and it has horrible decreases in the sides.

I'm kinda glad I never finished this pair. I don't think I could ever live it down if my old classmate showed these to me today. Needless to say, I've now frogged this one sock down to be used as scraps in some other project at a later time. Some would say that I should save it so I'd have something to look back at when I'm an old lady. But honestly, this wasn't my first knitting project, nor was it my first knitted sock. This little blogentry here with these pictures is all the documentation I need.

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