Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A good while ago, I decided to give this little thing over at Instagram a try. It's fairly simple, you just post this picture with the hashtag #getyouryarnwishesgranted and post whatever you want/need in the world of yarn.
I've seen so many people getting amazing stuff from this thing. Everything from handspun and dyed yarn to stitchmarkers. Some people even throw in little souvenirs if they send international.

I figured I'd give it a try. I've been looking for camo yarn (in animal fibers) for a good time now without any luck, so why not toss my wish out there. I also mentioned that I wanted wool scraps for my scrap blankets if ayone had some stash they wanted to spare. It didn't take too long until an American person answered me and told me they were going to send me something, though it wasn't too much of scraps. I said sure and gave them my address.

Today the package arrived and I were so overjoyed when I opened it. Three skeins of beautiful green-ish Palette yarn from KnitPicks! I've only had the pleasure of touching one skein of this before, which was given to me by my friend Brooke. I ended up dyeing it with red and pink Kool-Aid, but now I kinda regret it. Just imagine how perfect that white/creme coloured skein would look along side these three beauties!

I will have to figure out something amazing with these. They're just too good looking for any scrap projects!

I've been keeping an eye on the hashtag on Instagram to see if there's anything I could help others with, but nothing has come up so far. Most people ask for special yarn brands from indie dyers/spinners and they're mostly American.

If you as a reader have Instagram, I do suggest you to take a look at it. It's really an amazing idea and it's filled with so many generous and kind people.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scraps and computer problems!

*sigh* So the main reason why I haven't bothered to actually blog much so far this year, is because I haven't really done much interesting in the world of crafts. The only interesting projects I've been working on are either secrets or scraps. I've spent a whole lot of time trying to catch up on my Granny Bacon eternity scrap blanket...also known as solid rectangular granny square. It's actually become so big now that I can use it while sitting in my chair, and it is warmer than any other blankets we've got in the livingroom...not really surprising since it's about 60% wool scraps...

I almost managed to empty out the jar with scraps, but now I've started to fill it up again after roaming through my acrylic bags...there's so much icky scraps in those...

But the other, more complicated reason why I haven't bothered to blog to much lately is because I've been having computer problems...again. I swear, this laptop of mine have given me nothing but headache... I'm never buying a laptop from Dell ever again...or a computer with Windows 8 for that matter... It's been constantly a mess of freeze-ups and internet cut-outs, from the very start... I regret not calling up Dell sooner.
Two days ago, I decided to do back-ups of my important stuff because it started to stall again, and Bård figured that it was about time we rebooted Windows on it yet again. And good god that was a good thing to do! Wouldn't you know, yesterday when Bård got a call from the delivery guy that his new desktop was at the door, my laptop froze up completely and we weren't able to do shit with it. I were going to get Bård's old desktop when his new one arrived, so I've jumped from that shit to this shit. And this thing is shit because the monitor I'm using is crap and a half!
So, I spent a whole hour on the phone talking to a swedish guy at Dell, trying to fix this problem. He ended up sending me a new harddisk and new Windows disks that'll hopefully get here tomorrow at the earliest.

But Lizzy, I hear you say, this has only been the last couple of days, what about the entire month of january then? Welp! My danged laptop have had this problem where it stops pinging in certain of which has been Dropbox, which is the program I use to transfer the pictures taken with my phone to my computer so that I can blog them. This happened in early january, so getting the pictures off my phone have been too much of a hassle to be dealt with.

While I've been without a stable computer, I've frogged and restarted the "Fåvangkofte" jacket for my mother, but because of all this stress, I haven't been able to make much progress on it, sadly. But I'm getting there. Do not like to work this pattern with this yarn and colours though...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Granny Square in fashion

I've never understood why people insist on making clothes of granny squares... It is so tacky and looks just horrible.

Then there's the occational good ones... Like this one that I randomly found. I like this! I kinda want to try and make me one of these scarfs! And the colourful jacket ain't to bad aswell!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scrappy New Year!

Woop! I have totally given up on blogging every day over here, I just don't have the motivation anymore, so please excuse the long breaks inbetween each blogpost.

Anyway! It is 2015 suddenly, not only that but it is my birthday as well! Nothing exciteing happening today though, I'm just gonna stay in, craft and enjoy my pizza.

I haven't really done much important crafting at all this year...or at all since I came back from visiting my parents over the holiday. I just couldn't get myself to focus on anything cause I was stressing too much with crafts before christmas, I couldn't find time to stop and breathe and do something for myself. So this past week I've done nothing but scraps.

I've spent DAYS working on my Granny Bacon eternity scrap blanket. Just look at all of the scraps I still need to work into it!

It's so much! I haven't touched the blanket since summer, and the scraps have just been builing up, so much that I've had to get a bigger container for it...henche the glass jar. So far, I've managed to work about 9 rounds into my blanket since I started just before new years eve.

The reason why it has taken so long, is because I'm russian joining them all together. That limits me to use scraps that's from 30cm (11,8") and up, when I've used scraps from 10cm (3,9") and up before. So I need to measure them all up and toss out the ones I can't use. All of the shorter ones, I've collected in a bag and I might use them for a scrap yarn bowl.

Trying to use every single bit of scraps. I hate tossing yarn away, no matter the lenght or quality. So I'm also using the longer scrap bits in a certain wool weight for a different scrap blanket. A normal granny square blanket.

I've got tons that I need to work up on this end to, it all just keeps piling up and makes my whole crafting nook like a mess. There's also very few bright colours on far. Might be a very gloomy granny square blanket. There's loads of scraps to get from these for my Granny Bacon blanket as well, so they kinda flow into eachother.

AND EVEN AFTER ALL OF THIS!!! There's the bag of leftover yarn from the mystery advent scarf... I need to do a couple of sock pairs and so on from those though...but I need to sort them all out so I can use the smallest ones for these two blankets.

*sigh* I think I need to make 2015 the year of scrap and storage busting...