Saturday, December 20, 2014

Advent scarf!

And now the advent scarf KAL from Bittami has come to an end! I blocked and steamed it today and it is a monster of a scarf! Not only is it colourful as all heck, but it's BIG! It measures 3,17m (10,4 feet) and weighs 914g (2 pounds). Wow!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advent scarf KAL almost over!

Phew! I am done with the christmas presents, I am done with the decorations and the cleaning and whatever else this holiday brings. I am even done with Christmas Eve! now I've gotta do it all over again...except for the presents...

Now that I am more or less free from chores and stress, I can turn to my knitting again. I've yet to start a real project though since I'm trying to get the scarf KAL done. Part 19 comes out tonight and I am ajour.

Part 10

(Extra part that I added between part 10 and 11)

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

I ran out of green yarn for the last two rounds on part 17, so I had to supply with another green tone I had lying in my scrap bag... It's not really that noticable, luckily...but the flash makes it horribly obvious.
You'll just have to wait a little to see part 18. It it finished, but I need to get into the next part before I can get a clear picture of it. Right now, it's scrunched up, and I did make an error while knitting, so I'll have to fix that with embrodery.

Other than the KAL, I've been snail knitting a hat for myself with some yarn I've dyed. I tried to make camo yarn, but failed...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finished projects and a loss for motivation...

I just can't seem to get myself to do anything these days. Both my blog and my Instagram have been pretty quiet lately, even though I've got a handful of finished projects to document.

The kid sweater has been done and over with for a long time now. I've even sent it off and it has reached its new owner. I'm just really slow with getting things out of the way here on the blog. Getting the motivation to sit down and type it in isn't really tempting, but we all know that blogging isn't my strong side... ANYWAY:

And I can also confirm that the christmas stockings has been sent off. Sadly my sewing machine couldn't handle sewing the linings, so I had to send them off without it... Hopefully the commissioner will be able to get that fixed with someone else... But my part is done, I really love how they turned out! It's almost a shame seeing them off.

Other than these, I've been working on christmas presents...which I can't really share much of on this here bloggy sadly... Which is one of the reasons why I've couldn't be bothered to give a damned to update you guys. I've had to frog a present three times now... Once because I managed to spill tea on the white yarn, ruining it totally...

But the KAL I can update you guys on! Part 10 is due today! Actually...any second now. And my scarf is looking pretty colourful at the moment! I do not care which colours comes next. I just pick randomly out of a bag, hoping that the scraps I pull out doesn't colide with eachother or the previous part and also if it will be enough for the whole thing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Can't wait to have this scarf finished! I've been working on a little extra design to put in the middle of it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kid sweaters and mysterious scarfs!

Dang, it's in the middle of November already, and I haven't even started on Christmas presents yet! What is happening??? Worst thing is that I'm gonna have a hard time fitting much Christmas present knitting in there too... You see, the danged Advent mystery knit is taking a lot of time, and they release a new piece of the pattern every 2-3 day. I manage to finish that piece of the pattern before bedtime, so it's not that bad... I actually had to dig through my storage and fush out a couple of single skeins cause I didn't trust my scraps to hold. Had a few skeins with a weird dyelot too, so I took those as well.

But then there's this kids sweater that I've recently been commissioned. I've had to frog pieces of it twice now. Usually I would have been done with it long time ago by now, but everything keeps interrupting my work on it...

*sigh* I guess I'll get to Christmas presents soon enough... If I hurry up, I might actually manage to finish off the sweater today...before the next scarf piece gets published.


My Batman sweater has been featured on BuzzFeed! That's so awesome!

Too excited right now! I love my Batman sweater so much! Even though people look at me a bit weirdly while I use it out in public...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mysterious advent knitting!

Yesterday was the start of probably the most awesome KAL (knit-a-long) that'll ever exist!
The big advent mystery knit hosted by dearest Bittami through her Facebook page.

This is so cool and so awesome, I really don't have any words. We started off yesterday, but before that, all we knew was the recomended yarn and needle size and the fact that it'll be a looooong scarf. It consists of 20 parts that we will be handed from now until the 19th of december.

We were supposed to get the first part at 6pm yesterday, but it was released early, so I had to hurry up with my chores so I could get started too. I had used the whole day, digging out scrap yarn and winding it all up into neat yarn cakes.

I finished off the first part fairly quickly, and I'm using SO much scrap yarn for this thing! SO MUCH FUN!

The next part will be released tomorrow, so while I'm waiting, I'm working on a hat for my friend Nina. She asked me if I wanted to make one for her, and then she ran off to buy yarn for it. She's all about that blue!

As soon as I'm done with this hat, I'll move on to a sweater for the baby girl for another friend of mine. I ordered yarn for it earlier this week and it arrived today! Beautiful Merino!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Langnisselue" finished!

I don't think this hat even made it in as a WIP on my blog... Wow... I'm really slacking now!

On the 30th of october, I started a new project. A project I've been wanting to do for several years already and that I've recently talked about on my blog. If you've followed my Instagram, you've probably seen several pictures of it. I am of course talking about the "langnisselue"!

For more information about this hat, its meaning and the TV-series it came from, check out my previous blogpost.

I'm so happy to finally have this! It has been a childhood dream of mine to have a hat like this. I've been meaning to make it since my friend Bale shared the pattern of it...last year...or the year before that...or before that...I can't remember. But I managed to loose it in my ocean of pictures and files and several laptops and three external harddrives and whatnot. I had to send her a message not too long ago, asking if she still had the pattern, cause I could not for the life of me dig it back up from the black hole it must have fallen into. She came through and presented me with the pattern yet again (THANK YOOOOU!!!).

So after finishing up my fair-isle socks, I had to start this hat. No questions asked! I ended up frogging half of it once cause I did't like lenght of it, so I added two extra rounds inbetween each decrease round. I also ended up stopping when I had 10 stitches left on my needles instead of 4 like the pattern said. Not too pleased with the stubby end before the tassle, but it would have looked horrible thin and lanky if I would have continued.

Threw it into the washing machine and felted it one and a half time on a slow and short 30'C washing program and it came out almost perfect. It's a bit too small, but that's not a problem. A little useage and it'll be just perfect. I actually refuse to take it off my head! But it's so WARM! Love it! And it's so loooong!

Childhood dream = fulfilled!

NOW! To make the one Amalie uses in the same TV-show... To be continued!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fair-isle socks!

Welp, I totally forgot to blog the, but the fair-isle socks with Kool-Aid yarn are now finished!
Really not pleased with them, they gave me way too much grief. But they're warm, and they're for me, so I can't be bothered to complain too much or frog them.

I've already planned my next pair of socks actually! Some time ago, I bought this super pretty pattern, and I dug out yarn for them last night!

Can't wait! But it'll just have to... Gotta finish up these Christmas Stockings before I'll do more ego knitting... Speaking of Christmas Stockings, I've finally reached the heel, so it'll be finished soon enough! So far, the charts have worked perfectly with the pattern for the other stocking.

Not really Christmassy, but I love how it turns out anyway!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Always a procastinator...

I really am the worst at everything... Minecraft have managed to suck me in again, so now I'm stuck in the hole called procastinating. To top that, I'm lazy and in a "bored but doesn't want to do anything creative" mood, so I've done little to nothing called knitting lately...

I did finish the knitting part of Melissa's Christmas Stocking a few days ago though. I've been lazy with it, but it's more or less done...for now.

The green and purple yarn in the back are for the second stocking she's commissioned. I've yet to start it cause I'm in a foul mood and it demands a lot of reworking. The patterns ask for completely different needles and yarn thickness, so I am planning on redrawing it to fit the same bill as this one here... But we'll see... Worst case scenario, I could work it double stranded to get the right measurements, but I don't trust my yarn to last...

Both of the stockings will be lined with fabric and have bells all over for extra Christmas spirit an joy! I really can't wait to see them finished, but right now, I can't be bothered... Good thing there's still 2 months until Christmas! Or atleast one month (or something like that) until I've got to ship them. Shouldn't be a problem.

On the 14th of october, I frogged and restarted the Setesdal's mitten I started on back in august. 14th of october is the first day of winter according to the runic calendar, and it's marked with a mitten, so just about all of yarnster Norway was knitting mittens on that day. I'm still not 100% pleased with this first mitten...expecially not the thumb (I will most likely be redoing that thing at some point cause it is just horrible).

Last night I decided to just put everything on hold and so something familiar and mindless, so I started another pair of my favorite fair-isle socks. Snow Lily from Drops Design. I'm so happy that this pattern finally have gotten a name! I haven't made a pair since last Christmas! About friggin' time I make another pair! It's very much needed as well since all of my old pairs (except for the blue pair) have holes in them, and I'm too lazy to patch them up...

This is how my morning looked today:

I decided to finally use the first Kool Aid dyed yarn I've done! It looks fantastic with the petrol yarn. The white is just some scraps I had lying around.

I am taking it slow however... My right arm ain't too pleased with my crazed Minecraft gaming that has been happening lately... So knitting on top doesn't make it any better to put it that way.

One last thing before I end this blogpost. Needles are friggin' expencive and hard to find! I've been searching all over the place for 12mm needles! If you remember the gignatic ball of yarn that my mom got for me and the pattern that I wanted to use it for, I'm in dire need for a 12mm 80cm circular needle. I've been searching high and low for a pair, and the closest I've come to find a pair was on, but the shipping wasn't worth it and I really shouldn't be buying more yarn for a while... I did end up getting a 10mm 80cm one at Nille today though. Even though it's 2mm thinner than suggested in the pattern (and also friggin plastic... YUCK!!!), I figured that I could try it out. A little swatching never hurt anyone. Worst case scenario would be going up one size or adding a few more stitches... Though, I don't see how much difference it would be with such huge needles...

That's all for me for now! I'm gonna chill out with some coffe before I crash and burn... It's only 5pm over here right now, but I'm already super tired...