Friday, November 14, 2014

Kid sweaters and mysterious scarfs!

Dang, it's in the middle of November already, and I haven't even started on Christmas presents yet! What is happening??? Worst thing is that I'm gonna have a hard time fitting much Christmas present knitting in there too... You see, the danged Advent mystery knit is taking a lot of time, and they release a new piece of the pattern every 2-3 day. I manage to finish that piece of the pattern before bedtime, so it's not that bad... I actually had to dig through my storage and fush out a couple of single skeins cause I didn't trust my scraps to hold. Had a few skeins with a weird dyelot too, so I took those as well.

But then there's this kids sweater that I've recently been commissioned. I've had to frog pieces of it twice now. Usually I would have been done with it long time ago by now, but everything keeps interrupting my work on it...

*sigh* I guess I'll get to Christmas presents soon enough... If I hurry up, I might actually manage to finish off the sweater today...before the next scarf piece gets published.

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