Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Langnisselue" finished!

I don't think this hat even made it in as a WIP on my blog... Wow... I'm really slacking now!

On the 30th of october, I started a new project. A project I've been wanting to do for several years already and that I've recently talked about on my blog. If you've followed my Instagram, you've probably seen several pictures of it. I am of course talking about the "langnisselue"!

For more information about this hat, its meaning and the TV-series it came from, check out my previous blogpost.

I'm so happy to finally have this! It has been a childhood dream of mine to have a hat like this. I've been meaning to make it since my friend Bale shared the pattern of it...last year...or the year before that...or before that...I can't remember. But I managed to loose it in my ocean of pictures and files and several laptops and three external harddrives and whatnot. I had to send her a message not too long ago, asking if she still had the pattern, cause I could not for the life of me dig it back up from the black hole it must have fallen into. She came through and presented me with the pattern yet again (THANK YOOOOU!!!).

So after finishing up my fair-isle socks, I had to start this hat. No questions asked! I ended up frogging half of it once cause I did't like lenght of it, so I added two extra rounds inbetween each decrease round. I also ended up stopping when I had 10 stitches left on my needles instead of 4 like the pattern said. Not too pleased with the stubby end before the tassle, but it would have looked horrible thin and lanky if I would have continued.

Threw it into the washing machine and felted it one and a half time on a slow and short 30'C washing program and it came out almost perfect. It's a bit too small, but that's not a problem. A little useage and it'll be just perfect. I actually refuse to take it off my head! But it's so WARM! Love it! And it's so loooong!

Childhood dream = fulfilled!

NOW! To make the one Amalie uses in the same TV-show... To be continued!

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