Sunday, January 12, 2014

Granny square chair blankets WIP

Sorry for the lame amount of blog entries the last few days, but I really haven't done much that is worth mentioning or documenting really. That and the fact that I was pretty busy with other stuff yesterday... But here's a little update on the first granny square chair blanket anyway!

The way I am connecting these have been explained in more detail here, and I now got one half of the first blanket finished and have started on the second half. When I got both halves finished I will be connecting them and then do all the horisontal lines. It's a boring job, and it's slow, but I'm getting there!

An this is pretty much all I have been doing in the world of crafting since I finished the dragon scale fingerless mittens. I'm not that great with crochet so it takes atleast twice as long for me as it does for others...

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