Friday, January 17, 2014

Pickles swing skirt?

I can't remember when I saw this skirt from Pickles, but I knew the moment I saw it that I NEEDED to make it, and it slid right into my non-excisting "have to knit" list.

But what yarn should I use? What colors? I was certain that if I were to make this skirt, I should make it in different colors, maybe even more colors than just two! And I would prefer it if I could use yarn from my own storage.

At first I thought I could use some of the remaining Lima yarn I got lying around, we're talking 20+ skeins here in different colors. But sadly, that yarn is thicker and more dense... It would take all my yarn and the skirt would probably end up way too big. The free patter size are L/XL, which should fit me (if not being too big), so I'd rather use a thinner yarn than a thicker one.

After some thinking and roaming in my yarn storage, I came across 10 skeins of Silja, a though superwash wool/nylon blend made for socks that could work perfectly, but the colors I had lying are horrible and don't fit well together... Three skeins of the colors 311, 304 and 318 and one skein of 390. More sad is the fact that I recently ordered yarn from this store... They got 20% on everything yarn right now, so I should have been smart and ordered some other colors while I could. I don't think I'll be able to order more from that store while they got this sale going...

What should I then do? Just go ahead and knit the skirt in horrible colors, hoping it'll turn out ok, or wait and maybe get more yarn at a later time? I'd really wish I could start this skirt soon...

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  1. To be honest,, I'd wait. It's never a good idea to just start on a project when you're not sure about the colors, because most of the time it turns out horribly wrong. Atleast that's what I've experienced multiple times