Saturday, January 25, 2014

If only I could crochet...

I see myself as a decent knitter. I can understand most patterns and stitches, I always look for challenges and I like to try advanced patterns. But crocheting? No.
I've always had problems reading and understanding crochet patterns. The few stitches and patterns I know, I've learned from Youtube. Granny square took me ages to just read patterns, but it took me a night to get it right after watching a video on Youtube.

The Crocodile stitch, I learned over night from Youtube. BUT, I forget it again as soon as I put it down. I've had to relearn that particular stitch several times, but it never sticks with me. Crocheting aren't my thing...which is sad cause there's so many patterns I've loved to try out!

Recently I found these adorable dolls from Lalylala, and as so many times before, the urge to make one, but the sadness from lacking the ability struck me. I know I say it to so many people, that practice makes perfect, which is true, but I just don't understand patterns and stitches needed for this.

And there's so much more I'd like to make as well. Just look at all this!

And that's just some of the awesome stuff you can find out there! Crochet is also the best way to make amigurumi animals since it's easier to work small when you just got to worry about one and one stitch. With knitting you got all the stitches on the needles, which can be tricky when it's small and you're working in the round. I am currently working on a knitted, amigurumi squirrel, and it's horrible. It would have been so much easier (and prettier) if it was crochet, but as it is, I can't crochet worth a damn when it comes to 3D elements...both freestyle or after patterns.
Lucky for me, knitting fits best for garments...usually...and that's what I enjoy to make anyway! Go me!


  1. Same goes for me, but turned. I can crochet pretty much everything, but knitting is just way too difficult for me TT_TT I see so many clothing patterns I'd love to make with knitting, but knitting just isn't made for me :(

  2. That crocheted doll is adorable!