Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fibi the fox!

It's about time I finished up this one! Fibi the fox is a crochet amigurumi doll, designed by Lalylala that I started back in february.

Pickle gave me the pattern for the fox one for me to try out before I started buying all the other patterns that I wanted to make. I'm not a crochet person and I have huge problems reading crochet patterns and understanding the stitches, but I wanted to make one of these dolls so bad that I just had to try it out. With good help from Pickle, I did manage to work it out and make Fibi here though. Took me forever, but I did it! I am so danged proud of myself, you have no idea!

I wanted to do a photoshoot of it outside in the grass, but it's impossible for it to balance on its own, so I just had to give up on that part.

I used Senjagarn from Gjestal on this one, 75% wool and 25% nylon. The scarf is knitted while the rest of the doll is crochet.

The biggest erros on Fibi here though, is the fact that the tail ended up WAY to short and stubby compared to the pattern. The hood are also a bit too big for it, so it keeps falling down. Once I can dig up my felting needles, I'll stick it to its head.

The whole body's a bit wonkey and bulky, so it's far from perfect, but I still love it. I'm so impressed that I managed to make it.

I've bought the sheep pattern allready, so I will be making that one at some point too, but right now I'm currently trying to crochet a Vaporeon amigurumi, and after that I'll try and use this Lalylala body style and make a Honeydew dwarf doll...just because I'm SUPER into Yogscast at the moment...

Now, this does not mean that I'm all of a sudden a crochet expert, far from it! I'm still having great problems reading patterns and I need to relearn each stitch every time I pick up the project again... So it'll probably take years before I'll be comfortable enough to try something a bit more complicated...


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