Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer blogging!

There! I finally managed to get a good summer header! It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the one I tried to make two weeks ago.

So lets more on from spring...

To summer!

It took me forever to get these changes done... First off...I'm lazy as all should know that by now... But when I eventually remembered that I needed to get a summer design for my blog, and got my ass out the door, it was harder than you'd think! Cause we don't have too much green outside our appartment, it's mostly gravel, and I don't really want to sneak into the garden of our neighbour to get some pictures of yarn! Not to mention that I'm not that good with picking summer colors. 

Two weeks ago, I did try to get some pictures taken, but that didn't go so well. On the tiny patch of grass we got, there was this little cluster of withered straws, and I didn't notice these until I actually uploaded the header to my blog. And at that point, the straws looked like poor editing skills or spilled white paint! Just look at this horrible mess! doesn't look that bad scaled down like this... But up close, it was just horrible! I couldn't use it!

So I decided to try again today...even though it was raining. We've had nonstop rain for two days now, sprinkled with some thunder and I've had a headache for DAYS because of this sudden shift of weather. And between the snails and the spiders, I did actually manage to get a decent picture. What do you guys think? Is it too green perhaps?

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  1. I don't think it's too green at all! I love it actually, and I especially love the rain drops on your header (as I mentioned on fb) It's a great shot. :D