Thursday, June 26, 2014

Work in progresses!

I must admit, I've been REAL slow with my yarnster crafting these past few days. Minecraft snuk up on me again...and I can't help it when it does. So here's a little WIP of things that has happened since last blogentry!

The mindless shawl that I frogged have reached it's stopping point once again. I've misplaced the third skein in this colorway (that happened some time ago) so I can't continue it. This picture here are pretty old. I managed to finish the third stripe of red before I ran out of yarn, but this was the only picture I had that gave a good look at the pattern itself. If you're wondering what I did, I knit the row facing the front and the back was knit 1k, 1p all the way till the end. I also increased two stitches at the end of each row, that's four in total for one round, which made it a lot wider.

If you compare it to this picture, you can clearly see the differences. This version has a sharper point and boring garter stitch as the pattern.

I really hope I'll be able to locate the third skein cause I really want to finish up this shawl at some point.

I've also done some progress on Simon. I had an episode with Pepsi here the other day though... He had managed to grab my skin color dyed skein and turned it into a mess! I woke up to this vision...

It took me forever to unknot it and then wind it up neathly again. I was pretty upset cause I did put a lot of work into this skein, getting the right color. Lucky for me, he didn't manage to chew over the thread anywhere.
So far, I've finished the head, helmet, feet and body for Simon. I've just started the gloves/gauntlets. It's looking good so far and he's comming along nicely! Hopefully I'll have enough skin color after this for the others.

Otherwise, I haven't really done much. I spent most of the morning/afternoon trying to work up a project for the Super Mario contest over at KnC, but it didn't really work out too well, and I've got only 4 days left to work up something. Me not entering a craft related Mario contest is like blasphemy! What I did work on though, was a question block. I got the sides worked up, and my plan was to stitch on the question mark afterwards, but it didn't look good at all, so I gave up. I might just give in and do some of the Super Mario dishcloths from Ravelry, but I feel like that's uncreative. I might try and work up a Luma since I've got more yellow crap yarn lying around...

As a last note, something I've forgotten to mention on the blog here. A few weeks ago, I ordered  a truckload of yarn. Drops had this mega sale during may, but sadly I was too late for that one. I did manage to find this one page that had an extended sale on the Drops yarn, so I snatched up a good bit of Karisma, dirt cheap with free shipping. All the dark green will become a Marius sweater eventually.

Along with all of this, I did order a bit of Alpaca yarn in a bright an beautiful petrol color. I've been looking for some soft yarn in a striking blue color to go along with some vintage mohair yarn I got from Brooke ages ago. This will eventually become a cuddly, fuzzy pullover.

Again, got this dirt cheap cause of the sale, and I almost regret not buying yarn for a green version too!

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