Thursday, June 5, 2014

WIP summer pullover!

Guess it's time for another WIP of the summer pullover I'm in the making of. It's quite slow, but I do try to sneak in some rounds between the Mario Kart and Minecraft gaming hours. Sadly, my computer mouse is getting worn out which makes my right arm hurt if I Minecraft too long... Need to get me a new one I think...

Anyways, summer pullover! It looks more and more hippie-ish, maybe kinda gypsy like. I do like it though. One stripe is one skein, so as you can see, these skeins are small. I try to pick the colors at random, yet trying to make it look organized and pretty. I'm also pretty limited with my colors seeing as I had only 8 skeins of green, 6 of purple and 3 of grey. I've allready used 4 green and 2 purple, and I've just started the first one in grey. After my calculations, I should knit for another 14cm (5,5") before I decrease for the sleeves. I am concidering knitting the sleeves only 3/4 long though. Hopefully I'll have enough yarn.

Can't wait to get it finished at some point in this lifetime though!

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