Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter hiatus!

*sigh* It's been a week now since my last update here on the blog. I all of a sudden left for a break over Easter with my family. My brother had room in his car last wednesday, so he asked if I would join in to spend the weeked at our parents house with his family. I couldn't refuse that, no way sir! Just look at these angles! You can't turn them down!

So I went along with him and I haven't done THAT much knitting since I got here. The fancifull skirt has grown some. I'm not working on the second row of ochre. Took this picture while enjoying the hot spring sun out with the rest of the family.
My mother thinks it looks like a cirus, being too bright and flashy while my sister in law think it looks lovely. I must say that I'm sideing with my sister in law on this one... I need more colors in my life, and this is probably the most colorful garment I could ever pull off...maybe...

On sunday, my mother pulled out this skein of lace, ruffle yarn and told me to knit up a ruffle scarf from it, for my grandfather's ladyfriend. It was an easy and relatively fast prosess to work it up (took me but 3 hours I think), but unessesary much struggle. You got six stitches on the needles, where you've just put the needles through the holes in the lace, then knit back and forth until you're out. It's pretty much all you can do with that type of "yarn", and it makes for a fancy result, just not my style. The scarf ended up measureing about 135cm (53"). The colors variates from white to light, greyish beige with glitter. It looks more complicated than it really is...

Other than that, I've been working on ANOTHER secret project! All the secrets at the moment!

So, I'm not sure how Easter works in other countries, but over here it starts the thursday before "Påskeaften" or Easter itself...then it lasts until monday after. Schools usually have a break lasting the whole week before Easter weekend.
The days with my family has been spent with my day being turned back to normal (yaaay). My brother brought a bottle for Captain Morgan rum which we've been drinking. With the help of my other brother, we managed to empty it out on friday while playing my home town's variety of Monopoly, Oppdal så klart!

We've also been playing some card games (not sure if ya'll know about Skip-bo?) and some other games we usually drag out when we're all together. Fun quality family game time!

I'll be going home to Bård and Pepsi on wednesday night, back to speed knitting, cause I need to get my friend's sweater done! The last skein has arrived, but it's back home...

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