Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring makeover on the blog!

It's about dang time I did something about the winter theme on this blog. I love winter, it's my favorite season, but I must admit, the theme I had going on was kinda bland and boring. Even more depressing for me since we haven't had much of a winter here at all this year. The snow dissapeared in early january and we've had spring pretty much since, which is pretty unusual in these parts of the world. But what can you do? Global warming is a son of a b***h...

For a long time now, several months actually, I've been wanting to do a spring theme on my blog here. We haven't had much of green outside until the last few weeks, but then we also had non-stop rain for about a week. I've been thinking about running out and get some pictures inbetween the rain clouds, but as soon as I've been thinking about it, rain started pouring. But today I managed to run out in time and I snapped a few pictures that I could use!

Here's a quick look back on the winter theme:
Simple and easy. Not too much going on that would be distracting for the reader, but a little too bland and boring. I like the color blue, but I get too easily tired of I kinda hated this after a month. The only thing it had going for it was the yarns. I picked out the colors of the rainbow to brighten it as much as possible, and it helped a good bit, but not enough.

Here's a look at spring:

Now I got spring going on. I figured I would go with lighter colors on the yarns on this one, give it a more spring feel, so I picked pastels instead of a rainbow. There's still not too much green going on on the ground, but I picked the place with the most dandelions and went with it. I picked up alot of green in the text and background of the blog too. I was pondering on green text on the banner, but it just felt nauseating... The white pops just enough for it to look good.

What do you as a reader think? I appreciate feedback on the design of my blog and ideas for the upcomming seasons/holidays.

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  1. I like the green Lizzy! It looks very nice and clean. Though I liked the winter set too. :D it's very springish. And I would have gladly swithced our snow for your spring this winter if I could've!