Friday, April 11, 2014

How are things in the crafting section?

Time for an update! I've actually been doing some progress this time, not on one, but several projects! And seeing as I now got actual stuff to show off, I figured I'd blog about it!

First off, let's do a WIP on the Marius sweater... I ran out of yarn...not a surprise really, ever since I started the yoke, I noticed that I was short on yarn. Mind you, I ordered an extra skein of yellow just in case, even after the extra skein my friend told me to get, so with two skeins over, I'm still 10 rounds short and had to order yet another skein extra. Right now, I'm just waiting for it to arrive so I can finish this thing up.

That didn't stop me from working Marius though, no sir! Right after I finished cried over the loss of yarn and had ordered a new skein, I started a long dreaded cover for my tablet! Took me about a day to finish this thing up. Nothing big, just plain and simple Marius, minus a few rows on 4,5mm needles. I used the leftover yarn from this thing and wouldn't you know, I had just enough for it! It was like destiny! It's not my first pick in colors, but who cares? It's better than my old cover anyway...though I got a more sentimental connection to this traditional pattern than in retrospect, I kinda regret that... But I can always make more covers in the future! And for the record, my tables is a Asus Eee Transformer with a detachable keyboard, an old son of a bulldog in tablet years...

After I finished that thing up, I dug out my eternity scrap blanket again and worked in a good bunch of scraps. My little bag of scraps was starting to get really full, so I almost emptied it and got in a good 5cm (2") on the blanket! That's half a years work in eternity scrap blanket years! The good thing about this though, it's now big enough to cover and warm my cold and hurting knees while working on it!

After I cleared out just about all of my scraps, I figured I'd continue on the Lalylala doll. The last thing I did on this thing was the first boot, but since it's been forever since I worked on this thing the last time, I figured that I'd redo the boot just in case. Gonna start the second boot as soon as I'm done with this blogpost!

And as a last note, I got these adorable PBJ felted pieces that Drunk Uncle June sent me. Ever since I got these in the mail (along with a bunch of other amazing items and candy), I've been wanting to put them up on my fridge, but I has no magnets! I ordered a bunch of tiny super magnet for a buck off eBay right after I got these, and today they arrived! Didn't take me long before I glued some on the back and smacked them up on the fridge!

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