Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Kool-Aid dyeing!

I'm back baby! Hopefully, blog updates will come more frequently now than this previous week.

I'm gonna jump right into it and blog about some yarn dyeing I did before I left. I promised Pickle some Kool-Aid dyed yarn as a thank you for all the Kool-Aid she sent me. I digged out three skeins of white/beige. One of the white ones was 1/3 used up and the two others was almost new, missing less than 10 meters each. The smalles one I cut up in two equal parts and the beige I divided into four. These parts I was going to dye individually as much as I could. The last white skein, I decided to use for the leftover colors, trying to make it kinda tie dye.

Three of the parts was dyed green with Lemon Lime, two red with Black Cherry and then I dipped the last one in Mango Peach a couple of times since the color wasn't as pigmented as the other two. I also dunked half of it in the rest of the Black Cherry and it turned out pretty spiffy!
The tie dye one turned out amazing too! I'm really pleased with that one! So much that I'm gonna keep it for myself...which I ment to anyway just in case I screwed it up.

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