Friday, July 25, 2014

Eternity scrap blanket: starting over again?

*sigh* I'm trying to not freak out and give up on everything at the moment.

The eternity scrap blanket feels like a total waste of time and yarn right now. After now have worked up three whole yarn cakes of the gigantic ball of scraps, I'm already noticing signs of the blanket curling inwards. I was just now placing the blanket on the floor to get some WIP pictures taken when I noticed that the ends had the same curving as it had before I started frogging it this last weekend.

At this point, I'm tempted to just frog it all again and just work it in granny square...which I said I woul not do because of the small scraps and ends would stick out everywhere (as I've mentioned at some earlier point, my smallest scraps measures 7-10cm (3-4 inches) and that makes them really too small but in my head too big to just being tossed out).

I've been thinking about working it as a solid granny square instead, which would hopefully make covering up ends more easily. So right now, I'm doing some Youtube research on how to do solid rectanular granny squares. Hopefully this will work and I'll come back with either good or bad news when/if I've worked this out.

Again, if you've got some tips for me on this stuff, please let me know. Right now, I'm starting to become really desperate.

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