Sunday, July 6, 2014

WIP - Blue pullover

It's getting there! I feel like I'm taking my sweet ass time on this pullover, but it still grows really quickly! The wonders of using huge needles. I must admit that it is kinda fund seeing a project growing so fast, but it takes a lot more effort to work with these.

I finished up the sleeves really fast and moved on to the raglan. I was a bit scared that I might have to frog it down and do more increases on the sleeves to make the raglan more loose, but in the end, I think it'll work out just fine.

At the end, I decided to work a hood on it. I haven't really done a hood without a pattern before, so hopefully I'm not making it too weird. It's turning out huge though! Just like I want it!

I'm also planning on knitting a kind of tube on the front so that I can put a string through it, just for decoration.

Speaking of decoration. I've ordered a lot of orange coloured buttons off eBay. While I was still working on the body, it hit me that the color was the same as the Heinz baked beans can...which again translates to Yogscast...of course! When you're obsessed with something, you see references in just about everything. And in this case, Simon, Lewis and Duncan built a gigantic can of Heinz baked beans in their MoonQuest series and launched a rocket to the moon on top of it. So this pullover has become my baked bean pullover, and I'm gonna sew buttons on it to represent the beans. I'm too nerdy!

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