Friday, July 4, 2014

Pullovers and amigurumis!

So, after knitting on the blue, fluffy pullover straight for a few days, I started to worry about the amount of yarn that went into it. After some measuring, I found out that it was 50cm (aboout 20") too wide! I could easily fit two of myself inside of it! After some rethinking, I ended up frogging it all and started over, this time with 64 stitches less in the round. Now it grew really fast and seemed to be the perfect size. Took me two days to finish up the body alone at snail speed. I also started the first sleeve last night, so it's currently looking good!

It's impossible to get the colors right on picture though. It has a green hue to it, and it's still very bright. I'm using Alpaca from Drops in the color 2919l, called "light petrol", but even the website can't get the color right on it. It's beautiful though! I'm not usually a blue person, but I am really digging this shade.

Also, my little Yogscast amigurumis are slowly getting there. I am now currently working on Sips and Sjin. They both wears these Portal inspired space suits, so I had to work them both side by side to make sure they turned out equal. They're joined by the hip in real life, so making them both at the same time makes sense.
Just sewed on their little heads a few moments ago. Yes, Sips (the blue one) has white skin. Next will be their arms.

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