Friday, July 18, 2014

Two pairs of fingerless mittens! I'm just being lazy...and unmotivated...

The title says it all pretty much! In my last blogentry, I talked about these fingerless mittens that I started just because of the one skein I found in the back of my yarn storage. I finished them pretty fast but I was a lazy bugger and didn't blog about them.

The pattern I used are called Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts. I've used it once before and I really like the looks of them. The beige skein are of the brand James C. Brett - Pure Merino which is really soft and pretty. Colourway PM8. It looks and feels exactly like Drops Design's Merino Extra Fine, which is the yellow yarn I used along with it, colourway 30. It's the same yarn I used for the Retro Marius sweater a while back. Needles 3,5mm.

They're pretty spiffy! Even though it's summer and pretty warm, I can't help but wearing them from time to time.

After I finished up these though, I figured I'd make another pair with this skein I dyed with Kool-Aid some time ago. It's very colourful and I have no idea what I would make with it other than fingerless mittens, there's not much to work with really. If I remember right, it's Safirgarn wool yarn.
A few weeks ago, I found this pretty pattern from Sharryknits. Since they weren't too big and the right size/gauge, I decided to give it a try with the yarn. To make sure I would have enough yarn, I dug out some green wool scraps in the same weight to do the ribbing. 3,5mm needles once again.

I must say, they turned out a bit too springy and flowery for my taste, but I really like the pattern so I might end up making more of them.

And as a little end note, I am currently working on a few new dishcloth patterns as well as scrap projects inbetween my waves of unmotivations. I feel like I either need something totally mindless to work on, or something completely new and fresh.

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