Monday, July 21, 2014

Frogging the eternity scrap blanket!

I've talked about my eternity scrap blanket several times already, so lets talk about it some more, shall we?

For some time now, I've noticed that the scrap blanked started to curve in on itself a little bit. I first didn't pay much attention to this as I was (and still am) a big crochet n00b and figured it would work itself out. Turns out, it just gets worse! Either my tention has changed somewhere, or I've messed up some stitches somewhere about a year ago.

One thing is sure takes FOREVER to frog down! Expecially since the yarn has gotten tangeled here and there and the hook might have gone a bit wrong... I feel like I'm ripping every inch, tearing it appart rather than gently unravel the whole thing...

And the skein is MASSIVE! This is only about half way through! The ball measures a little over 50cm around now (19,5"). Can't wait to see it all done, but I'm starting to feel the weight and sice in my elbows.

The plan is to wind it up into smaller yarn cakes when I'm done and work from there. I've wanted a lazy kind of mindless project while I wait for some new inspiration to strike, and here it is! Just need to work out how I'm about to do it this time. I'm kinda over single crochet and want to try something new, but since I'm using small scraps (down to 10cm/4") there's not much I can do. It would look horrible if the stitch was kinda lacy or made a lot of holes. Currently, people have been suggesting half double crochet and slip stitch...the latter I've never thought about working as a stitch like this.

If you as my reader know of a good and compact stitch for a scrap blanket, let me know in the comments!


  1. Hey Lizzy!! You could maybe try an extended single crochet stitch, or perhaps a half double crochet / half double extended. I just recently learned how to do the extended stitches, and I'm loving the way they work up.

    here's a link to where I learned from.