Thursday, May 29, 2014

Big bag of scraps!

Today has been another lazy day for me, don't really have much progress to document on my current projects either. But I'm really in the mood for starting a new project! I've got some ideas allready for what to make, and it will most likely involve my big bag of scraps here!

A few months ago, I cleaned up and sorted through all my scraps and I managed to shorten two bags down to one. But it's stuffed! Mind you, there's no acryllic in this bag.

Not too many fun colors though... I'm hoping to work up a pair of "yoga socks" of some of the 100% wool that's located in the bag to the right. I love wearing wool socks, all year round, even sleeping in them. But summer is too warm for that, sadly. Though, resently, I read a blog where someone recommended yoga-socks for summer use for the wool sock maniacs, and it opened a whole new world for me! I need to try this!

If you got more scrap yarn ideas or patterns for me, let me know! I don't have enough yarn in here for a blanket though.

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