Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birthday gifts!

Ah, I can finally document some of my latest secret projects! You see, two of my three nieces had their birthday last week, and ofcourse, I had to knit their presents...atleast mainly knit them...

My mom told me that my middle niece, which turned 4 on the 29th of april needed a pair of wool leggings, so she handed me some skeins of bright red Drops Alpaca yarn. After some searching, I found this cute pattern from Drops. I dropped the ribbing part but kept the cables in the sides for the pair I made. After the leggings I made for my oldest niece before christmas, I just didn't want to make another pair with that much ribbing!

And yes, this is the one that I was complaining about in a blogpost not too long ago. I was all of a sudden 10 stitches short on the first leg, but for some reason, the problem fixed itself when I continued on the second leg... No idea what happened, or how I fixed it, but I don't give a damn anylonger!

For my oldest niece, which turned 9 on the 2nd of may, I made a pair of simple "raggsokk"s. Again, my mom told me that she needed more socks, and so, I made her a pair. After diving into my yarn storage, I found two single skeins and decided to combine them into something wonderful and fancy.

Ofcourse, this wasn't the only thing I gave her. What kind of aunt would I be if I gave one of my nieces a whole pair of leggings that I spent a week and a half on and then my other niece a pair of socks that took me only a day? Welp, I also gave my oldest niece three pair of earrings and three braceletts. She told me during Easter that she wanted braceletts that I've made myself for her birthday, and I can't say no to that... Granted, my workbench and goldsmithing tools are still in boxes (dang you anxiety and low self esteem), but I could still make her some with beads and stones. I also gave my middle niece two more simple braceletts too, just to make it seem fair.

BUT! I got three nieces, and ofcourse, the youngest couldn't be left out...even though it might not be the best thing to do in case of spoiling since it wasn't her birthday, I had to make something for her as well. To make it seem more casual, I made the same thing for the other two as well. Small, everyday, spoiling gifts for all my little sweeties! I made them all hats! Matching hats at that!
Now I hate working with acryllics, but I didn't have much wool that doesn't itch in my storage at the moment, and I've heard that they don't like the itchyness...also it's getting warmer outside and acryllic is cold, so why not make more spring/summer/autumn-ish hats?
I pulled out whatever grey yarn I could find in my bag of acryllic barf and then some neon yarn. With a little knit and some purls, I made these with a simple pattern called  "Hurricane Hat". The neon flowers I half found a pattern for, half made up.

Neon yarn are really neon...

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