Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dishcloths and more bleaching!

Over the weekend, while I was at my brother's place, I decided to work up some dishcloths. It's easy, it's practical, it's fast and you can never have enough dishcloths! Also, I decided to start working up the cottons I've been bleaching. I love how they turned out!

I'll get better pictures of them later when the ends have been weaved in. These are so much better looking than the others I've made. The pattern is from Bittami, if you were wondering. It's my favorite dishcloth pattern of all time! far atleast... Turns out that Bittami is having another dishcloth knitalong this summer, starting in the beginning of june. I just can't wait! I joined the dishcloth knitalong she had last summer and I got 7 wonderful patterns out of that event!
She just released a pre-knitalong pattern yesterday and I'm dying to try it out...after I'm done working up this last one I got on my needles right now.

So, since this knitalong are closing in, I need more cotton! That is, I allready got cotton, but I need to bleach it all! Pretty cloths need to be pretty, bro! So I've just put six new skeins of my favorite dishcloth material in bleach... I dunked an extra blue and cream colored one in the leftover bleach sullotion...

...and they look amazing! I can't WAIT for new patterns!!!

The colors will get better when the skeins dry up...and the two red ones ARE different... For some reason, red colors take a lot longer time to bleach than other colors...but only with this brand, from my experience atleast.

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