Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer knitting!

Summer is more or less upon us allready (which reminds me that I should look into changing my blog design soon...again), and I'm not a fan of summer. I prefer the cold, snowy and dark nights compared to the sunny, warm and all to bright nights. But summer is more of a relaxing knit season. You can't really work on too big projects, execially not wool projects. Socks, hats, mittens, scarfs and so on usually just stand in line, waiting for the autumn to get here. So what do you knit during the warmer season? Well, anything cotton basicly! That's how it goes for myself and the rest of knitting Norway it seems. And I've allready started to feel the slowness. For a week now, all I've been doing is knitting dishcloths!

I've managed to knit six of the white birch ones from Bittami. Here's the two last ones from that batch

And after some time, I managed to finish up the heart one (not sure what the english name for this one is, but it's called "hjertebarn" in norwegian and can probably be translated to "children of the heart"), also from Bittami.

And then I started a goat willow dishcloth, form Bittami ofcourse... Both this one and the heart one areworked up with the Drops <3 You 1 mixed cotton that I bleached some time ago.

But I didn't finish this one up cause all of a sudden, I decided to start a summer pullover! Yeah! I've been drooling over this pattern for quite some time, but I finally decided to start it last night. I got a bunch of bamboo/acryllic yarn lying around that I decided to start using, and a summer pullover was the perfect project for all of this.

It's a slow work, expecially since it's worked in pieces. I'll be working it in the round cause I do not want to do all the purls. But it has splits in the sides, so at the beginning, I have to work it in different pieces... Fun time! It's looking good though!

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