Sunday, May 11, 2014

WIP: cable purse and cat blanket!

Time for a WIP blogentry again! Some progress have been made so let's document it!

First off, the cable purse! I'm actually close to finishing it! At the end of Eurovision last night (hurray for Austria BTW!), I managed to graft up the bottom of the purse and weaved in the ends.

After the Eurovision finale was over, I soaked it and blocked it. Couldn't find anything better than a plastic A4 folder to put inside it...So it'll get the size of a A4 paper. A bit wider than expected, but that's ok, I did end up with 14 more stitches than the pattern asked for anyway so, not much that can be done with that!

Not that it matters really. I'll be a good size for projects and later use. As you can see, I'm still missing the shoulder strap for it. I am pondering the thought of having two straps that'll cross over eachother.
The pattern tells me to make four i-cords and braid them together into one strand to make the strap, I am also thinking about just making three and then make a normal braid. But we'll see. I need this purse done by friday at the latest so I got a lot of time.

What I haven't shared with the blog though, is that I've started a blanket for Pepsi. Forever ago, Pickle's good friend Drunk Uncle June sent me these wonderful skeins in the mail...among other things wonderful things!

The yarn is Amazing from Lionbrand, a brand I've never tried before since it's not sold in Europe as far as I know...though, I may be wrong. Amazing here is 53% wool and 47% acryllic and kinda fluffy, the color is called Regatta if you were wondering. As soon as these skeins came into my possession, Pepsi has been crazy about them and wouldn't leave the skeins alone. He was constantly sniffing them and chewing on them and more than once, I woke up finding the skeins in a mess on the middle of the livingroom floor. Luckily though, he never chewed over the thread, so it was still fully useable. But I realised that I would have to make something for him with these skeins.
I figured another blanket would be a good idea. Since the yarn contains wool, it wouldn't be ideal for toys. He also doesn't care much about beds or pillows, so a blanket would actually be plausible for him to use. So, when I now finally was done with gifts and hasty projects, I decided to start it as a simple project inbetween stuff. I was originally thinking about knitting it, like the other blanket that I made for him, but instead I ended up working it in granny square. With hook 4,5mm, I have now worked up one of the skeins I got and are currently working on the other. I also decided to use a single skein I had in my storage forever in this blanket as a break between the two colorfull skeins.

Simple, yet pretty and hopefully colorful enough for Pepsi. Cats are attracted to colorful objects.

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