Thursday, May 8, 2014

Slow knitting

Now that I don't have any hasty projects going on...well, except for the cable bag...I'm doing really slow progress on everything. So let's do a round-up of the little I've done over the past few days...cause it's not really much...

The cable purse/bag thingy are going well. I need it done by the 16th since I'm going away, but it's really no rush as it works up fairly quick. I haven't done much on this bag yet, and I'm allready over halfway there. It's a quicky this one!

Not really knit, but I did manage to finish up the tail for Fibi the other day... It looks like crap since it's so short and stubby compared to the pattern itself, but it's one step closer to finishing off the doll! Now I only need the ears (which I need some help with) and the scarf, which is just knit so shouldn't be a problem for me!

Other than those two, I've pulled out the mindless knitted shawl that I started during the Christmas holiday last year. Thanks to Pickle, I now can't unsee it as a watermelon! So it now has a name, "watermelon shawl"! BUT, I've managed to misplace the last skein somewhere, so I can't continue it until I find it... Oh well...

I got two other colors in this yarn so I might just make another one that's a big more complex instead.

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