Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cabled purse!


I'm not a girly woman, not at all...rather far from it...being pretty, dressed up, fashion, make-up, shoes and purses and accessories are alien to me. I might have a more femenine taste in the world of knitting, but still, that's the only place I'm femenine. I've always been boyish and that's something I'll always be.

But then there's occasions where I'm expected to dress up, and when those occasions occure, I'm often at a loss about what to wear because what I got are too dressy, or not dressy enough, or I'm missing tons of the accessories. Like for our national day, the 17th of may... This year, I didn't really plan to do anything since...well...stuff...and I no has friends... But during Easter, I was invited to my brother and his family, which also my parents are going this year. So then I needed an outfit!
First off, I was thinking about using the swing skirt I've been working on forever...and haven't been working on since forever... But then I decided against that since it'll probably never get finished...

So then I was thinking about my two dresses that I got...or maybe order a new one...but then again, they're a bit too dark for spring...

So that's just about all the formal wears I got... I could put on my suit, but sadly, I'm fat and it doesn't look too good on me anylonger...even though it was bought when I was allready fat...and it never really looked good on me...

So we then go and buy a new dress! Woop woop! Not really that excite... I really couldn't care less... But I kinda like this one dress that I eventually got. I've talked about it before, it's the one from Ellos, but I didn't show any pictures of it... So let's fix that right now, shall we? Atleast to the best of my dirty mirrors...without flash...yay!

I even got some accessories that goes good with it! But here's were everything stops... I has no purse...or bag...or whatever... I really just have one bag, and that's a messenger bag which I use for everything...and it's not really formal or dressy...and doesn't go good with any of these outfits.


I need a purse that I can carry my wallet, phone and camera in that can work with atleast this last dress here! I'm low on money, I don't care to spend how much cash on something to carry my cash for just one or two days for the rest of my life. What do you do then? Well, you make one, ofcourse!

For something like this, I want something that's easy, yet pretty, blend, yet decorative, not too big, but can carry all the stuff I need...which isn't even like a drop in the pond for some girls out there...
It didn't take me long before I found this cutie. The next day, I casted on! Using the leftover skeins from Jackie, I think I can make a good looking purse.

I finished up the top band of the purse earlier today and started to pick up stitches to work up the body. I ended up with 14 stitches too many compared to the pattern, but with a little adjustments and some extra stitches here and there, that was no problem and you probably wouldn't even see the difference when I'm finished!

I got a little over a week to finish it up, which shouldn't be a problem, and another four skeins, so hopefully, this will go as smoothly as possible! When it's all over and done, I can probably use this as a holder for some smaller projects I'm working on while on the move.

Now, this has been a waaaaay too long blogentry, with a bit too many pictures of myself in I'll just call it a night and keep on working...or play some Minecraft...

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