Friday, May 30, 2014

Scraps all day long!

Scraps, scraps, wonderful scraps!

So! I've just finished the first yoga scrap sock! Pulled out the most boring colors from my wool bag and worked up this thing! I was lucky enough to pull out exactly enough yarn for a pair! That's skills, man! I'm gonna start the second one now. I've managed to misplace most of my 3mm DPNS, so I'm currently stuck with using only four on these. I'm used to work them both at the same time, expecially when I'm using scraps because I need it to be exact, so I had to stop a row showrt on most of the colors I used, just to be sure... So it could have been a little bit longer  for my taste... But hey, it's night socks, who cares?

Looking at them, lying flat like this, they look horrible and you don't really know what it is...

But then you put them on and it's like someone took a sock and chopped off the heel and toe!

They're horrible to wear on our floor since it's all cold tiles, but they'll be awesome and snug in bed! And it's always a smart thing to keep your feet and ankles warm, even if it's summer, expecially if you got bad legs, cramps or other pains caused by cold. Personally, I do have knee pains, but I'm going to wear these just because full wool socks are a bit too warm in bed even for me during the warmest of summer...but it's so comfy!

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