Sunday, February 16, 2014

All the stuff I wanna make!

I got so many stuff I want to make, some may be realistic, while some are too far out there! And some might not even have patterns! But there's so many awesome knitted projects out there, I figure I'd make a blogpost about it. So prepare for awesomeness!

First off, here's a handfull from Ravelry! Now, all of these should have a working link, so click the pictures and check the original page!

Here's a handfull of Drops patterns I'd LOVE to make some day! Drops is my "go to" place when I search for patterns, and most of the time, they do not dissapoint me.

And I can't forget Pickles! They got so many awesome patterns in their store! I haven't done much from them before, but they do have a good varity of more modern knitwork.

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