Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Batman is finished!

Sorry for late blogpost, the sweater has been finished for quite some time allready...I've just been too lazy...

I decided to skip making the hood, though I might do a sweater later on with hood, I do like to challenge myself with new things, but I had to get this one done as soon as possible anyway, and it looked super cool without hood.

I only had the ribbing left today, so it was a quick job. Weaving in ends and sewing up the armholes took just as long time as the neckline ribbing did.
So here's the final result! Also a kinda crappy shot of the back to show off the shortened rows.

I've washed it and now laid it out flat to dry and block at the same time and the fair-isle allready look so much better!

The second top row is supposed to say "Joker" but it's impossible to see it in the mirror so here's a close up the right way.

 And then there's the curse of having a 3/4 white cat... Black projects NEVER stay black...

Look how many fucks he give about shedding all over my sweater...still can't help but to love him though <3

So yes! Batman is now finished! I'll get real pictures of it when it's all dried and stuffz! I just can't wait to be able to wear this thing 24/7!
I am currently back on the rompers for baby CarCar, got just about 5cm (2") left before starting the yoke on it! Can't wait to get it finished and ready! I'm also going to start Pickle's cowl soon enough and after that, Annet's fancy cable slippers! Fun times!

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