Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn winder!

A little while ago, I ordered myself a yarn winder off eBay for little to nothing! I've been wanting one of these since I first saw one, and today it finally arrived in the mail!

Look at the awesomeness! This thingy will wind up all my yarn into pretty little yarn cakes!

It's both easy and entertaining to use, so I got to restrain myself before I start to wind up everything in sight!

All you have to do is to thread the yarn through the yarn guide, push the end down in the notches on top of the cylinder and then pull the crack clockwise.

And that's all you got to do! The yarn wraps itself unto the cylinder and creates a pretty yarn cake!

When you got all the yarn weaved up, you just pull it off the cylinder, easy as that! Then you can start pulling the yarn from the center of the cake, it'll sit still and it'll be easy to pull out more while working. And it's cute! All the kawaii desu right now!

I got a feeling that I'll be winding up all my yarn from now on...

I am currently working on a secret project so excuse me for not doing a "progress of the day" update...

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