Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogging... The last couple of days have been very emotional and stressfull for me... I might blog about that at a later time when I feel like it.

I have been knitting, but not enought, and yesterday hardly nothing. But I have managed to finish off the first sleeve for Batman and I should have the second sleeve finished today... I just got to kick myself in the ass and make it happend. And I need to charge my dang phone cause I keep forgetting about it since nobody really tries to contact me and then I hardly get to use it, and it's my main camera when I'm blogging.

I'm also kinda in an early spring cleaning of the house so I'll get even less done cause of that...
But we'll see what happends and hopefully I'll get progress out to you guys soon enough. I do have a few longer blog entries in the making, planned as fillers, but they take a long time to write and to collect information.
Anyway, speak soon

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