Thursday, February 6, 2014

Progress of the day - 5th feb

Time for another progress blog! Since I didn't print one out yesterday, I'm making it double! Expecially since I can't guarantee I will be making one of these every day from now on. I'm currently working on my Batman sweater, and it takes a while getting some actuall visible progress on it. I am kinda winging the pattern and I'm kinda following the standar pattern for a Marius sweater with round yoke, though I might actually do mine in raglan...depending on how the yoke fair-isle will be, I've yet to decide this.
Anyway! I've made a good bit of progress today, so hopefull this sweater will fly by fast if I keep this up. I'm doing a longer ribbing boarder at the bottom of the body, so I've been working on that all day and I finally got it at 10cm (4").

And since I didn't make a update yesterday, here's a picture of the rompers progress! I'm slowly getting there, and yes, the green stripes are getting thicker and thicker.
So here's to hoping to get alot of progress done quickly! I'd love to finish up these rompers soon so I can move on to another side project! I've promised Pickle a shawl and Netty a pair of slippers, and I'd hate to dissapoint my friends!

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