Saturday, February 8, 2014

Almost time for Jackie + Batman updates!

So, I finally got around to getting Jackie washed and layd of for blocking. Been holding it off since the only safe place for laying it out to try flat in this appartment is on top of the drying rack, and I've been really busy with laundry this past week.

Since Jackie was made in 65% wool and 35% alpaca yarn, not superwash threated, getting it washed is a gentle prosess. I always wash any wool items, superwash or not on cold or 30°C handwash in the machine along with soap specially made for silk and wool. If I use a program that's too fast or too warm, the garments will shrink and felt.

One awesome thing about wool garments, expecially cardigans and sweaters is that you can almost mold it into whatever shape or form you want when it's wet. Like Jackier here, by the way I've laid her out here, the cowl neck and the bottom will be super wide when she's dry. And that's the I want her to be. This wouldn't be possible if I didn't wet her first.

While I was going to wash Jackie, I threw in my Marius at the same time. I've been wearing this sweater 24/7 lately and I really love it! So warm and so cozy and yet so stylish! But since Jackie is taking up the whole drying rack and I don't have a second one, Marius here will just have to dry hanging on this chair. I'm not that picky about the shape of this sweater so it doesn't really matter where I put it to dry.

But I really need another Marius sweater or too... They're so classy and stylish... I really hope Silja here will work great as a sweater yarn, it's really good to knit with, but the real test will be when I've tried the Batman sweater on if it holds up or not. If it does, then I'll make myself some crazy and colorfull sweaters cause the yarn is really cheap and good quality!
Speaking of which... I've done quite some work on Batman and the body now is currently measuring just about 40cm (15.7") I'm planning on making the body quite long so I might do another 10cm before I cast off for the armholes.

I've yet to draw up the fair-isle pattern though and I'm still pondering if I should do it raglan or round. There's cos and pros for both parts so I think it'll all come down to how I make the fair-isle look. I've also been tossing around the idea of making a hood on it. Since it's Batman, a hood would be perfect and bring it all together, but I'm not 100% sure how to do this. I've read through a few patterns for hoods and I got an idea, so I guess I'll just have too see if it'll work in real life.

And one more thing. I've been wondering if I should try and make sleeves like these for it. It may crash a bit with the style though... I'm atleast pondering if I should make the ribbing that long, so we'll see if I'm to add or drop the poofyness of the sleeves.

Anyways, see yall later! I'm off to do some more mindless knitting on Batman before bedtime!

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