Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tanja jacket?

Hello everybody! How's your crafting going? I'm not doing much today myself...working on some squares for a square trade which I'm super late on... Oh well... I only got like two squares left and I'm almost finished with one of them...and the second is no hurry cause the reciever is currently in the middle of moving, so I'm waiting until she can give me her new I might not post a "progress of the day" today...

Anyway! It recently hit me that I only got one "everyday knitted sweater" and I use it freakin' all the time... But today I managed to spill some sauce on it during dinner and it needs to be washed...which means that I won't have a spare one that's not too fancy... And I only got two...three if we count Jackie which still needs blocking and buttons.

I've been thinking about making myself a new Marius sweater soon, but I'd have to buy all new yarn for it, and this year, I am trying to buy as little yarn as possible... Though, I recently bought yarn from an online friend that I'm going to use for a sweater, but I need to buy the extra yarn for it too, since it's knit with two strands... I've been contemplating if I should just use whatever I got in my storage and make it striped and crazy and ugly as fuck...but I don't know...

The Marius I got now is made in a yarn called Lima from Drops. I made a sweater for Bård in the same yarn, and I got tons of leftovers lying in my storage! About 20 skeins or so + scraps! In 7 different colors as well!
4088 - 8465 - 6235 - 0100 - 5610 - 7219 - 7810

As you can see, there's quite a variation of colors and they're all pretty natural and they do go well together, so I thought why not find a pattern for a sweater or whatever so I can use all of this? After a search through Drop's patterns for this yarn, I found out that there's not much to be done with this yarn, so making a sweater would be a good idea. Sadly, they didn't have many sweaters that caught my eye... They did have some jackets though, and after some thought, I've kinda decided to go for Tanja!

I'm still debating if I should make it, but I really love how it looks and I couldn't find many other sweaters/jackets for this yarn that I really liked... I was kinda stuck between Tanja here, September SweaterGladiolaSheer Comfort and Greenland.

When will I start this? I have no idea... But right now, I gotta start making baby clothes, a cowl and try my hands on Lalylala's fox doll!

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