Friday, January 31, 2014

Progress of the day - 30th jan

Huzzah! Managed to finish two projects today! First off I finished the second pair of ugly scrap socks.

And then I finished off Jackie, the grey cable sweater! I'm still missing the buttons cause they haven't arrived in the mail yet, and I also need to block the cowl a little, but it is fresh off the hooks with all ends weaved in! I am wearing a t-short with white print on it underneath so it's not too tight over the chest, it's just glaring through the purl stitches.

I will get better pictures of it whenever I've recieved the buttons. Which reminds me, I've never showed off the buttons before! I got them off ebay and I think they'll look good on the sweater. I'm also thinking about sewing on double the buttons needed so I can regulate the sleeves more.

It is a glorious day (night) indeed! Now, I got several new project planned and I might start some of them tomorrow...even though I should be focusing on the UFO's I got lying around the livingroom... Oh well!

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