Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yesterday's progress - 13th jan

How thypicall isn't it, that the day I actually got stuff to show off in a "progress of the day" blogpost, the internet dies for hours and hours and doesn't come back until I'm snug in my bed, ready for sleep? Well, that's what happened yesterday, and I am sorry.
To make matters worse, my phone is dead and I've been having problems charging it, so getting all my pictures on the computer is easier said than done...hence why this blogpost goes up this late in the day.

I worked a bit on baby CarCar's blanket and almost finished the first row of hearts in the first fair-isle part. It takes forever, and I'm easily bored so this blanket will take forever, if I'll ever finish it.

As I said in my previous blogpost, I started a pair of Quatrefoil mittens. Hopefully I won't need more yarn than I've allready pulled out, expecially since I'm trying to finish off single skeins from my storage.
At first, the cuff turned out too big with the needles I started out with. I went down one size and they still feel a bit big too me...but we'll just have to see how it goes!

Just finished the spiked picot round where the cuff will get folded before I went to bed. In a few rounds, I'll be starting the fair-isle part on the cuff!

This will be interesting!

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