Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The last project of 2013!

Sorry for spamming you guys with blogposts today, but one thing I've forgotten to blog about...both here and on my other blog, is the very last knitted project of 2013 that I made.


My sister in law asked if I could make her a pair of my favorite fair-isle socks. Ofcourse I couldn't turn this one down, så I told her to get me yarn and I'll fix her up with a pair. The very next day she dragged me to the closest store that sold yarn. She originally wanted a pair in black and lime green, since she got the same taste in colors as myself, but ended up with brown and turqoise instead...cause it is really tuquoise and not blue...stupid camera!

It took me three days to get them finished, and the last stitch was knitted just an hour before my train left on the 30th of december. My mother was helpfull enough to weave in the ends for me to save some time.

My sister in law loved them though! And that's enough to make me pleased with them. This is the 9th pair I've knitted in this pattern over the last three years or so. And five of those were knit during 2013. Here's to kicking that record with six pair or more in this pattern + other patterns in 2014!

My record on knitting these are two days BTW. I will beat that one too someday!

Here's the pattern. Yarn is Trysilgarn Superwash on 3,5mm needles.

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