Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ugly Scrap Socks!

I love working with scraps! It's so much fun and the colors makes everything so interesting! Since I work alot with wool, I collect the pure wool and superwash wool scraps up and use them for scrap socks or scrap felted slippers.

Just before Christmas, I promised that I would make my dear friend and crafter Tiffany a pair of my ugly scrap socks since she has hardly worked much with wool and felt the wonders of warm wool socks before.

So I took a chunck of my superwash wool scraps and whipped up these, very colorfull and very stripey!

They're worked up just about from memory in the thypical "raggsokk" pattern. 3,5mm needles and about three different brands of superwash wool. I hope she'll enjoy them!

I still got more superwash, so I might make another pair too, since my hand is healing now my knitting speed picks up! These are a easy breeze to make!

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