Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Making the connection!

So, earlier today, I finished the last 7 granny squares for my mother's blankets, making the total number 120! Oh what a glorious day!

But then came the hard part: asseble and connect them! Oh my god, this has been giving me a headache ever since I started to think about it. I was for sure going to crochet them together cause sewing is a bitch and I wouldn't be able to finish it at all if that was the plan. I was also hoping to get them all more or less crocheted together in one turn, having to weave in only a few ends, but as it turns out, I might need to do some kind of crocheting across of things.

My first plan was to just connect them without any more work...but seeing as that doesn't look quite good when the last round on each square are different colors.

Also, my mother wanted them on a black background...

So I had to crochet around each and every one of them, but a whole nother round of double crochet could be too much, so I just did single crochet and then slipstitched them together. But as I said, doing it all in one go can't be done.
The way I'm working right now works just fine. I start by crocheting around the left square (the pink in this case), going against the clock. When I'm back where I started I do the white in the same way. When I'm again back at the starting poing, I connect them down the middle and then continue to the square going underneath the pink.

When they're all connected like this, or atleast half of the blanket, then I'll do the other half the same way before connecting them horisontal and then the last vertical line in the middle.

...I really do prefer knitting over crocheting...

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