Friday, January 17, 2014

Progress of the day - 16th jan

Another kinda quiet day. Didn't get too much done either cause I decided to bake chocolate cookies!

But as of yarn crafts, I did manage to finish the first chair blanket, more or less. Still need to weave in ends and all that and maybe get a boarder going around it, but I managed to finish connecting everything! And yes, it is supposed to be this thin and long, it's going in a chair.

There's still a whole nother blanket I need to get working on, got all the squares though so that part I don't have to worry about. But seeing as just the connection part takes about a week if not longer...I'm dreading it... Doing all the connections and crocheting around every single square on this first one took about 3 and a half skein og black yarn. I got 10 in total, so hopefully I'll be able to do a boarder around each blanket when I'm finished. After both blankets are all done, I'll wash them and do a little bit of blocking just to even the squares out. Some of them had different sizes even though I used the same hook. Dang yarn thickness...

I also picked up another of my UFO's today, my Jackie sweater! I spent an eternity just looking for the dang pattern but couldn't find it anywere, so I decided to just take a shot in the blind, pick a size and read the rest of the pattern on my computer. From the picture on the UFO blogpost, there's really not much progress, so I'm not gonna bother with getting a new picture of it, so here's an old one!

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