Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First yarn purchase of 2014!

Stupid me didn't get to think about yarn for the skirt until almost a week after I ordered this yarn... Stupid me... I could have saved so much money on shipping...

Oh well... Gotta just wait for the next yarn sale and I "need" more yarn. Not in a hurry making the skirt, it's just that I really want to start it NOW if I got it on my mind.

What I did get though, is baby yarn in superwash merino for baby CarCar! Tried to go for more gender neutral colors that would work great in stripes, but the color choice was pretty wonky and limited, so I just had to take those whom looked the best from the picture. Sadly, the blue turned out too dark for my taste, the website pictured it as a more mellow, sky blue with a hint of lavender. Now, I'll just have to dive into my baby clothing patterns!

I also got some more superwash wool yarn for socks cause I was running out of it in my storage. The best all wool blends for socks in my opinion is Rubin from Spar Kjøp and Karisma from Drops. Not the most excisiting colors, but why not try a color combination that I'm not used to?

And the last yarn I got was Ullteppegarn. At some point, I will be making myself a "lang nisselue", and a friend of mine (the spawn of the Knitting God) told me that this yarn was perfect for those hats. I was originally planning on doing the colorfull version Amalie uses in Amalies Jul, but they didn't have the right shade of green so I'm just making the normal, all red version instead.

Spar Kjøp got this giant sale all though january, not just on yarn, but on all kinds of stuff! So I also picked up a flannel PJ set for 50NOK (100NOK discount so I just had to) and four decorative pillow cases for 25NOK each (originally 40NOK). They're not really special, but they do a so much better job than plain grey or black pillows in our green couch! They're also faux suede so they're soft and purty!

All in all, I got away with 28 skeins, that's 1400gr.

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