Monday, January 6, 2014

UFO's from 2013

I am working steadily on the Anna mittens still, so I really didn't have much content to bring you guys so far today. And since I got a few UFO's lying around, I've been waiting to blog about them until I had a kinda dry day. What is a UFO you say? Well it's an UnFinished Object. A project you've started but never finished and now just lies there, collecting dust and cat hairs... I got a few of them for myself, and I will finish them off this year...I hope... So why not share them with you and explain them a little.

Let's start of with my most famous UFO that will probably never get finished... I know I've allready talked alot about it so I won't go too much into detail about it, but it's my eternity scrap blanket. I still got some scraps left that I need to work into it, but I'm taking a break since the ones I got left are pretty boring and I'm trying not to overlap each color.

A couple of months ago, I started a Creeper hat which I've had planned on making for about a year allready. I started it out, hoping to finish it and enter it to the hat challenge on dA, but it didn't turn out that great, I had to frog half of it and I lost motivation. I tried again the following month, adding it to the video game challenge, but again I lost motivation and gave up on it. It's been sitting in my UFO basket ever since. Not sure if I'll actually finish it or if I'll frog it completely the next time...

In October last year, it was Bård's birthday. I had bought a bunch of yarn and was planning to make him a Marius sweater, both as a challenge to myself and because he loves wool sweaters. But I came this far and not any longer until I got bored. I was working on another sweater in the same color, and I tend to get pretty tired working in blue after a while. It was actually the third sweater on my needles at the same time, so I guess I just had enough. I will continue and finish it some day though, I'm sure of it!

Along side with the Marius above and the other blue sweater I mentioned, I was working on a sweater for myself! Some time ago I stumbled upon this fantastic pattern on Drops and I added it to my "want to make" list. Some time later, the yarn used for this pattern came on sale, so I bought a bunch and started it. The needles are super thick, and since I'm used to 3,5mm and smaller, this was a test, and I failed. I got bored and I hurt my arms working on it for too long. I ended up working on ANYTHING that required smaller needles instead of this monster... But it's pretty though, and I really can't wait to actually see it finished and wear it. One day my day...

 This is actually getting extra old... I think I started it two years ago as a pillowcase for Bård... I finished one side, got bored and never finished the other side.  If you can't see what it is, it's Boba Fett from Star Wars, and the other side was supposed to be a Stormtrooper. Again, I started it up again sometime last year for a contest at dA, but got bored and put it down again. Will I ever finish it? I hope so...for Bård's sake...

Not sure if these last two can be counted as UFO's, but still. First of, I started two chair blankets for my mother last easter, but crocheting hurts my arms so I can't do much of it at the same time. I'm missing 10 squares or so, so there's not much left, but it's still tedious work with color change and weaving in ends... 60 squares for each blanket...120 in total...all in kinda earth tones... I'm going to sit down and work on them some more after I've finished this blogpost though, need another break from the Anna mittens.

And the last one (that I can find atleast) is a shawl, scarf thingy I started over Christmas. I had a bunch of yarn lying around that I thought would do great for a shawl... Little did I know that my mindless knitting turned out to be boring knitting and I'm almost at 300 stitches now...and it's still too short for my taste...

So there! I got alot of projects on my hands. Hopefully, some of these (or maybe all of them) will get finished during 2014. It seems like this is the years to kill off those UFO's...atleast from what I've seen and read on other blogs... Wish me luck, and comment on which one you think I should finish of first along with some encouraging comments and motivation, I need it!


  1. Well,, as far as I got to know while reading this blogpost you're the furthest with the granny squares. So in my opinion, finish what is the closest to being done so you'll be motivated for other projects again once you've finished it. :)

    1. I'm working on them right now! But there's alot more to do than what it looks like here. As I've said, I'm still missing about 10 squares, but I still got almost 20 that still nees ends weaved in and then to connect them all and crochet a boarder around them *sigh* Cheere me on! I will finish it inbetween my current projects!

    2. *cheers* GO LIZZY GO!! You can do it! <3 hihi :)