Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new and shiny blog!
...well, it's not that new since it's been up for quite some time by now...but this is the first blogpost!

I'm 24 years two more days, cause january 3rd is my birthday! I live in Norway along with my boyfriend Bård (you international people may call him Bayaard...long story) and my cat Pepsi.
You may know me as KnitLizzy on deviantART...or maybe even LARvonCL

I decided to start this new blog to get just about everthing yarn related away from my other blog...since it's been drowning in that stuff lately and it is really supposed to be a videogame/goldsmith blog...cause that's why I made it and that's how it's designed...up until I lost my job cause of a stupid new owner and I started knitting 24/7 instead...which took over and made be dread posting anything related to other stuff. Well, enough about that. I got this new blog to unfold my knitting instead. And with the day by day progress, I'm hoping to wake my blogging skills up and active again on them both!

I was first thinking about doing knitting vlogs and post them on Youtube, but I'm afraid of hearing my own voice, and with speaking english since it's not my first language, I don't have the best pronounciation and I'm having trouble with verbs and words and what have you. This is easier and I can stay mute!

The reason why this blog is in english? Well, for one: I'm trying to reach out to a wider audience... Two: most of my crafting friends are international. I got this awesome crafting group on deviantART and we chat and have fun while we craft. Most of them are from America, but we also got some from Canada, England and Netherland. These are some of my dearest friends right now, and I'd hate to exclude them from this blog...expecially seeing how dreadfull Google Translate is...

But welcome! I hope you'll stay and enjoy my content! As I've stated, I'm hoping to document every day! long as there's no secret projects going on...or if I don't knit one day... But I'm gonna try! AND there might be some content that's not knitting...and I'm not speaking of crocheting...but seeing as I'm a graduated goldsmith and I like to draw (when inspiration and motivation strike me), those crafts might pop up as well. I also got a sewing machine in the corner so I might do something with that in the future as well

So this is me, I'd be really happy if you'd leave me a comment, please excuse me having the security stuff on, but that's the only way for me to see if I got new comments and actually reply to them. See you all pretty soon!
Me this autumn wearing my handknitted "Fana" tunic

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