Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Progress of the last couple days - 21th and 22nd jan

My sleep schedule has been upside down again so sorry for not pumping out these progress of the day blogposts for the few of you whom follows my blog.

As you may know, my sweater went to hell and I went to hell with it... All sad and tears and shit... But I did manage to frog down to the first raglan decrease again so I will continue it when it has cooled off some more.

In the mean time, I did actually manage to start two new projects...which I really shouldn't have concidering how much crap I got going on allready all over the place... The first thing I started was a squirrel amigurumi. Some time ago, I got this eyelash yarn in a yellow ocre color which I had no idea what to use for, but as it turns out, it'll be a good color for a squirrel's tail! and since the 21st was international squirrel appreciation day, I decided to make one from this Ravelry pattern.
Now, I've never been very good with 3D objects in knitting and ami's really aren't my thing, that's more suited for crocheting anyway, so ofcourse the squirrel looks like roadkill. I got one arm done and need to make the other before I sew them on, but for now, I got the body stuffed and attached the ears.

I was thinking about doing a couple, one in a grey winter coat and the other in a more "all year round" coat, but I might just stick with the brown one. Making another one doesn't really tickle my fancy right now. I'll also have to wing the tail probably, cause from what I see in the pattern, the tail looks like it's just brushed yarn.

The second project I started is more of a mindless knitting thing. I promised Tiff that I would show her how real wool socks are, and then make her "raggsokk"s whenever I had enough superwash wool lying around. Though I'm not sure if I still have enough, I started her pair anyway.
I started with burgundy and a nature white color, who knows what will come after this? I've done several ugly scrap yarn socks in the past, and these will be ugly too, just a heads up... That's what scrap yarn's for!

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish both of these new projects and then return to my Jackie sweater and finish that bastard off!

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